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Industrial Panel PC

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We adopt flexible, innovative and personalized approach while dealing with clients specific Industrial Panel PC, Industrial TFT Monitors, Industrial PC with Touch Screen, Embedded PC, Embedded Systems, Rugged Embedded PC, Touch Screen Monitors, Resistive Touch Screen, Capacitive Touch screens, Wall Mount PC, rack Mount PC, Industrial Grade GSM Modem, GPRS Modem, Data IP Modem, Single Board Computers, Isolated Converter, Isolated Repeater, GSM GPRS Modems, Bulk SMS GSM GPRS Modem, Touch Screens and Industrial Panel Computers. Also we are manufacturing Automatic Mobile Recharge Systems, CDMA modems, GPS Vehicle Trackers.


A Bulk SMS Modem is a hardware that helps in  the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks for marketing, fraud control and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers.

Fastrack Wavecom Modem


Fastrack Supreme GPRS Modem


RS485 GPRS Modem

Voice SMS Modem

Siemens GSM Modem

GPRS Data Logger

8 Port Wavecom Bulk SMS Modem

Voice GSM Modem

32 Port Bulk SMS Modem

Fastrack Modem M1306B

Antenna Connector

16 Port Bulk SMS Modem


GSM GPRS Modem AG-2406R

Advanced Bulk SMS Modem

GPRS Bulk SMS Modem

GSM GPRS Antenna

Siemens TC35i Modules

Missed Call Software

GSM Controller

GSM / GPRS Modem


GSM / GPRS Modem


Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Motherboard  is a family of embedded computer standards which define both form factors and computer buses. They are intented for specialized environments where a small rugged computer system is required. The standard is modular and allows consumers to stack together boards from a variety of manufacturers to produce a customized embedded system.

Industrial ISA Slot Motherboard

Industrial ATX Motherboard

Industrial Miniitx Motherboard


ISA Slot Motherboard

Full Size SBC

Full Size CPU Card

Single Board Computer

14-Slot Backplane

Half Size CPU Card

14-slot Backplane for Industrial PC

Half Size Single Board Computer

14-Slot Backplane for 4U Chassis with 1 SHB Slot, 12 x PCIex

ROCKY-4786EV-R30 Industrial Motherboard

Embedded PC -VDX2-6518 (800MHz)

Single Board Computer

single-board computer is a complete computer built on a single circuit board. Unlike a desktop personal computer, single board computers does not rely on expansion slots for peripheral functions or expansion. Single Board Computer uses static RAM and low-cost 8 or 16 bit processors.

PCA-6176VG Industrial Single Board Computer SBC

PEAK 872VL2 Single Board Computer

PCA-6187VG Rev.A1 SBC Single Board Computer

Embedded Single Board Computer

Mother Board

14-slot PICMG/ISA/PCI Backplane

Half-Size SBC-VDX2-6524 (800MHz)

Backplane for 4U Chassis

Peak-777 Single Board Computer

Industrial PanelPC

Industrial Panel PC is  an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact chassis. Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity. The industrial-grade machinery computer is designed for use in any light industrial environments.

Industrial Work Station

Fanless Rugged PC

Industrial Panel PC IP-65 Grade

Panel PC

Panel Mount Industrial PC

Industrial Panel PC

Marine PC

Panel Mount PC

Mil Grade PC

Medical Panel PC

Slim Panel PC

17" Fanless Panel PC

Fanless Panel PC

Panel PC

Industrial Panel PC is  an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact chassis. Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity. The industrial-grade machinery computer is designed for use in any light industrial environments.

Industrial Panel PC

Fanless Panel PC

Multitouch Panel PC

Medical PC

32inch Industrial Panel PC

Panel PC

Embeded PC

The Embedded PC  is a brand new designed fanless PC with rich I/O, high flexibility and easy expansion capabilities. The rugged features of this Embedded Fanless PC include wide-input power ranges from 12V to 24V or 9~36V, wide temperature ranges from -20 ~ 70° C, Multi Functional design and structural strengthening. 

Embedded PC

Compact Embedded Computer

Embeded Fanless PC with 4 PCI slots

High Performance Fanless PC

Embeded PC with Multi PCI/PCIe Expansion

Fanless PC

Embedded Controller Computer

Din Rail - PC

Fanless Embeded PC

Train Embeded PC

CNC Controller

Single Board Computer

Vehicle Mount PC

7" Industrial Touch Panel PC

Thin Client PC

High Quality Panel PC

Fanless Embedded PC

Fanless Embedded PC

Rack Mount Monitor

Industrial RackMount Monitor is an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED back-light and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact chassis. Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity.

Rack Mount Monitor

17" Industrial Rack Mount Monitor

19" Industrial Rack Mount Monitor

26" Industrial Rack Mount Monitor

27" Industrial Rack Mount Monitor

Industrial Rack Mount Monitor

15" Industrial Open Frame Monitor

17" Industrial Open Frame Monitor

19" Industrial Open Frame Monitor

Rugged RackMount Display Monitor

19 Industrial Rack Mount LCD Monitor

Touch Screens

Touch Screens are  widely used in multimedia marketing, banking/financial transactions, industrial control rooms. This touch screen is designed by skilled professionals using high grade material and advanced technology in compliance with industry standards.Considering the broad needs of the clients, we offer this product in various designs. 

Resistive Touch Screen Monitors

Capacitive Touch Screen

SAW Touch Screen

IR Touch Screen

Touch Foil

Touch Screen for Raspberry PI Boards

Rasperry PI Touch Screen Monitor

Multi Point Touch Screen

4 Wire Touch Screen

MultiTouch Touch Screen

Dust Proof Saw Touch Screen

Resisitive Touch Screen

Touch Screen Panel

Touch Panel

Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Touch Screen

Touchscreen Monitor

Industrial IP-65 Grade Panel Mount Monitor is an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact chassis. Designed to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity.

IP65 Grade Industrial Monitor

IP-65 Grade Panel Mount Monitor

Touch Panel

Touchscreen Monitors

Touch Screen Display


Adaptek  Kiosk is computerised to  store data locally, or retrieve it from a computer network. Kiosk can be used to provide free, informational public service, as well as for commercial purpose. Touchscreens, trackballs, computer keyboards, and push-buttons are all typical input devices for interactive computer kiosk.


Touchscreen Information Kiosk

Industrial Information Kiosk

Information Kiosk

Industrial Kiosk with Barcode Scanner

Shopping Mall Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk

Public Information Kiosk

Kiosk Touchscreen

Industrial Kiosk

Canteen Management Kiosk

Outdoor Information Kiosk

Outdoor Mall Kiosk

Gaming Kiosk

Wall Mountable Kiosk

Library Kiosk

PC-104 Motherboards

PC-104 motherboard is a family of embedded computer standards which define both form factors and computer buses. PC/104 is intended for specialized environments where a small, rugged computer system is required. The standard is modular, and allows consumers to stack together boards from a variety of manufacturers to produce a customized embedded system.

ISA Motherboard

ICOP Motherboard

ICOP VSX 6154 PC-104 Mother Board

PC-104 Embedded Mother Board

ICOP Motherboard

ICOP PC-104 SBC Motherboards

VDX-6353RD Board

PC-104 Board

VDX-6354RD Board

Industrial Rugged Laptops

A Rugged Laptop is a computer specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions.Typical end-user environments for Rugged Laptops are field sales, field service,manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation/distribution,agricultural industries and military applicatons. 

Medical Portable PC

Industrial Portable PC

Medical Grade Portable PC

Industrial Rugged Laptop

Portable PC With PCI Card Slots

Industrial Laptop

Military Grade Laptop

Dual Screen Industrial Laptop

Rugged Tablet PC

Rugged Portable PC

The Rugged Portable Computer is a full feature light weight multi-slot portable computer system with rugged aluminum chassis construction and corner bumper protection.  It utilizes the latest Intel Core i7 processor for the fastest processing possible and best value on the market. The system features all current expansion slot including PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI in single system for maximum compatibility. The unit is integrated with a 17" standard and optional widescreen high resolution LCD.  Internal storage starts at 250GB and offers extra 4 removable 2.5" drive space which capable of storing 4TB+ of data.  Everything is combine in a portable package with USB, Gigabit Ethernet and a foldable keyboard w/ touch-pad.

Portable Industrial PC

Industrial Portable Laptop

Rugged Portable PC

Multi Screen Industrial Laptop

KVM Switch

KVM switch (with KVM being an abbreviation for "keyboard, video and mouse") is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, and mice. Although multiple computers are connected to the KVM, typically a smaller number of computers can be controlled at any given time. Modern devices have also added the ability to share other peripherals like USB devices and audio.

Matrix Multi User KVM Switch

LCD KVM Console

KVM Console 8 Port Switch

Rack Mount KVM


HMI Repair Service

Adaptek can Service any make HM"s like siemens, Mitsubhishi, DELTA, AB,we are sericing Specialistt In CHENNAI.
HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a medium for information exchange and mutual communication between electro mechanical system's and the user. 

ALL Types Of Tocuhscreens for HMI available,most of them EXSTOCK.,
we are the MAIN supplier for ALL INDIA.

TP177 Touch Screen

HMI service TP-270 Siemens Touch Screen

GS2107-GS2110 Mitsubhishi HMI

eTOP 504 HMI Touch Screen

Mitsubishi FX Series-PLC FX1S FX1N FX2N FX2NC FX3U

PV600 Touch Screen

HMI 5.7" Touch Screen

HMI Service

Simatic HMI Service

Human Machine Interface

Simatic OP177B 6" DP PLC Panel

GPRS Temperature Humidity Data Loggers

Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers are among the most popular range of product solutions that exist to adapt any application. Environmental temperature and humidity data loggers generally feature built-in sensors and are used to measure ambient temperature and humidity in many settings. Popular applications include calibration rooms, greenhouses, warehouses, basements, attics and even humidors.

Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Humidity and Temperature Sensor

GPRS RealTime Temperature Monitoring Device

GPRS Temperature Transmitter

Poultry Farm Temperature Monitoring

Remote DataAcquisition Modules

ICP DAS lunches a series of remote I/O unit for industrial monitoring and controlling applications. With the auto configuration and hot swap features, the unit can eliminate your nightmare of extensive labor on the set-up and maintenance of the automation system. The available I/O modules are also highly flexible and compatible for every kind of application to reduce your inventory of different types of I/O modules.

Furthermore, there are various communication interface and protocols for choice in various remote I/O applications.

There are two types of I/O modules, parallel and serial. Both type of the modules can be plugged into the slots of PAC series. But only the serial module can be used in remote I/O units, such as RU-87Pn and ET-87Pn. Up to now, over 100 I/O, communication and motion control modules are available. For the new generation PACs, only the high profile I-8KW and I-87KW I/O modules can be used.

Remote Monitoring System

GPS VehicleTracker

GPS vehicle trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including Cars, Trucks,Buses etc. The trackers have many functions such as SOS alarm, real-time tracking, and voice monitoring, two-way communication and durability. You can move your tracker from car to car. Or you can track your vehicle even if it's being stolen.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracking System

Moving LED Display Boards

GT06N Vehicle Tracker

Personal Tracker

GPS Tracker

Speed Controller

GT02 Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Speed Limiters

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracker

Industrial Computer Chassis

Industrial Computer Chassis
  • High strength adhesion, high strength of material.
  • Super 1.2 mm/SGCC refined, stable structure, exquisite craft.
  • Excellent thermal solutions for the superior heat DP motherboard solutions, excellent internal air duct design.
  • Compatible with standard  ISA/PCI/PCIMG motherboard
  • It can install two pieces of 3.5 inch hard disks and two pieces of 5.25 inch CD-ROM .
  • Color:black,blue,gray,white,silver.
  • Using EMI design to prevent electromagnetic radiation interference .
  • Applied to the Internet server(website/E-mail/firewall/VPN/Storage) ,Network game servers (DB/Game/Gate/Log-in/Web/SQL) ,high-tech server farms NAS and SAN.

Industrial Computer Chassis

Industrial PDA Device

Compact portable size. Rugged housing design. Shock & vibration resistance. Quote!  ‎first-class thermal‎ · long-lasting and stable‎ · iso9001 certified‎ · quality assurance‎
industrial PDA, you can buy good quality industrial PDA.

Industrial PDA Device

Rugged Tablet


USB Fingerprint Scanner

Rugged PDA With Scanner

Rugged Handheld PDA

Industrial Tablet PC

Modbus Converter

Ethernet Modbus gateway that converts between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols. It provides1 port RS-485/422 serial (5 bit terminal block) and 1 port 10/100M Ethernet.Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocol are integrated in the products, users can easily realize the seamless integration of Modbus Ethernet devices and Modbus serial devices and even multi master and slave hybrid networks. At the same time, the user can be set up by Web or Telnet. The simple design can not only realize the fast application, but also guarantee the application of the entire real industrial environment.The products using EMC protection design, can work in rugged environment. 

GSM Gateway

RS-485/422 to Ethernet Modbus Converter

RS-232 to Ethernet Modbus Converter

RS-485/422 2-Port to Ethernet Modbus

4-Port RS-485/422 to Ethernet Modbus Converter

8 Port Ethernet Modbus Converter RS485/422

RS-232 4-Port to Ethernet Modbus

Serial To Modbus Converter

Modbus RTU to CAN Converter

Protocol Converter

Protocol Ethernet controller is an integrated circuit chip that controls Ethernet communications. Ethernet is the method most computers use to communicate with each other. The Internet cable, which plugs into your computer, transfers data to the Ethernet controller, which decodes the data and puts it into a form your computer can use.

E1 to Ethernet Converter

E1 to V.35 Protocol Converter

E1 to v.35 Converter

G.703 E1 to RS232 Converter

8E1 to Ethernet Converter

4E1 to Ethernet Converter

E1 to 4v35 Converter

V.35 To Ethernet Converter

GSM Signal Booster

16-Port RS232/485/422 to Ethernet Server

4-Port RS232/485/422 To Ethernet Server

8-Port RS232/485/422 to Ethernet Server

WIFI To WIFI Converter

Modbus Gateway

RS-485 to Modbus Ethernet Converter

Ethernet Media Converters

The Ethernet Media Converter, provides a cost effective plug-and-play solution for long-range Ethernet extensions and added benefit of auto-negotiation, making it the perfect choice when planning future upgrades of networks. The Ethernet Fiber converters are ultra-miniature in size and feature a shielded RJ45 Ethernet jack, SC/ST/FC style fiber-optic connections. Built-in auto-sensing capabilities enable full or half-duplex Ethernet operation with no configuration required.

Ethernet Remote I/O Modules

Monitoring Of Temperature and Humidity In Server Rooms

RS232 RS485 to Ethernet Serial Converter

Modbus to Ethernet Converters

4G Modem RS232/RS485 Serial to 4G Network

Serial To WIFI Converter

Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Industrial Ethernet switches consists of 16-port Ethernet Switches that provide an economical solution for your industrial Ethernet connection. They have an operating temperature range of -10 to 60°C, and are designed with low consumption and without fan. The rugged hardware design makes the switch perfect for ensuring that your Ethernet equipment can withstand the rigors of industrial applications. 

Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch

DIN Rail Fast Ethernet Switches

Industrial Managed Redundant Ethernet Switches

Slot PC

Rackmount Managed Redundant Ethernet Switches

DIN Rail Gigabit Industrial Power Over Ethernet

DIN Rail Gigabit Ethernet Switch

DIN Rail Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Media Convertor

DIN Rail Fast Ethernet Industrial Media Convertor

Industrial POE Switch

Rackmount Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Industrial UnManaged POE Switch

Industrial Wireless 4G Routers, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE Network

WiFi Modules with Ethernet Port

Production Line KIOSK

Adaptek CustomisedProduction Line KIOSK  often placed in the Production area of a Factory FLOORS or public concourse . Kiosks have Added Features With BARCODE SCANNER, N+BARCODE PRINTER and INDUSTRIAL PC,..

Various Large Size Information Kiosk available

17" IR Touchscreen KIOSK  /  19" IR TouchscreenKIOSK  / 21" IR TouchScreen KIOSK

Internet Kiosk

Kiosk Information System

Production Kiosk

HR Kiosk

Advertisement Kiosk

Kiosk Machine

Touch Screen Kiosk

Bill Payment Kiosk

Industrial Kiosk


Information Kiosk
  Adaptek Customizable KIOSK design to provide style and ergonomic ease of operation.  The information kiosk is used to make a statement about your organization and provide useful information about your location, employee directory, map of departments, product divisions, product information, company rules and policies and many other different categories of information.

KIOSK Available with Many Sizes  :

 15" / 17" / 19" /21/5" / 24" /32" / 42" / 46" /50" / 55" / 60" / 100"

with  Various Types  of Touch

Resistive Touch / Capacitive Touch / SAW Touch / IR Touch  

Advertising Kiosk

Mall Kiosk

Multitouch Kiosk

Ticketing Kiosk

Digital Signage Kiosk

Industrial Metal Keyboard

The Industrial Metal Keyboard is mainly targeted for use in unsupervised or semi-supervised positions of varied access applications. Internet terminals and information kiosks at universities, shopping mails, hotels, bank, airports, railway-station and other public areas, ticket vending machines, gas stations, cash machines (ATMs/CDM) Internet Public Phones etc.

Metal Keyboard With Touchpad

Metal Keyboard With Trackball

Kiosk Metal Keyboard

Industrial Metal Keyboard AAT-A88KP


Product Description

Android 6.0 S905X X96 TV Box 

Trander manager:cn1510132490    SKY-PE:sales13joinwe 
Whats-app:+86 18692236712

X96 S905X android 6.0 google tv box
1. CPU: Amlogic S905X
2. Quad core 64-bit Cortex A53 Up to 2.0GHz
3. Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
4. DDRIII 1GB, NandFlash 8GB
5. USB 2.0 * 4
6. Support the latest HEVC (H.265) decoding
7. Support 4K*2K Super HD video
8. Wired/wireless mouse/ keyboard supported
9. KODI Pre-installed and play perfect
10 Pre-installed Famous APK & ADD-ONS


Android PC

Android 5.1 Amlogic S905 Mxq PRO 4k TV Box

Android PCv6.0

Server Room Temperature humidity Monitor

A combination of a cloud service with a web user interface and special industrial devices that are fully manageable remotely.

System is capable for monitoring.

1)      Temperature.

2)      Humidity.

3)      UPS Input Power failure.

4)      Smoke detector.

Type of Alerts by the System.

1)      SMS Alert.

2)      Call Alert with Voice.

3)      Siren / Hooter Alert.

4)      Email Alert.

Applications :

1)      Server Rooms.

2)      Battery / Invertors Rooms.

3)      Cold Storage's.

Salient Features :

·         Standalone Ready to use System.

·         System status check by Mobile App.

·         Industrial Microchip Technology.

·         Inbuilt Temperature & Humidity Sensor.

·         Temperature 0-100 Deg C  ( Accuracy +- 2 Deg C ).

·         Humidity – 10 – 95 %  ( Accuracy - +- 5 % ). 

Server Room Temperature Monitoring System 

ServerRoom Temperature Monitor

Remote Temperature Monitoring and Control

Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor

GSM Gateway

Adaptek is a professional developer and manufacturer of VoIP products. Adaptek provides branded VoIP communication devices and solutions. And we also offer customised products and OEM service. They are a cost-effective gateway for SOHO, SMEs and system integrator and it also opens up new revenue generating opportunities for service providers.
Adaptek's GSM series VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional and high performance product, which is designed with advanced embedded technology .These series are able to process traditional voice call service and internet data service and adopt new hardware and software structure, which supports up to 32 concurrent calls.

GSM Gateway Modem

8 Port GSM Gateway

16 PORT GSM Gateway

GSM Gateway

Rotation Modem 128 SIM PORTS

GSM Gateway 8 Port 32 Sim Modem

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